APA Ethic Code 1

 Respond in 500 words with three or more scholarly references. Use citations, cite your references.  Cite every sentence with content from your sources. There are a few ways to do that including just putting the citation at the end of each sentence.   relatively recent news about the APA and its relationship with the military and CIA.  The Hoffman report was generated by an independent review of the APA (requested by the APA) and is pretty damning in its findings.  


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Here is a news report on the findings: http://qz.com/462911/when-american-psychologists-use-their-skills-for-torture/

Here is the response of a psychologist who resigned his APA membership previously over questions of the APA and ethics: http://kspope.com/kpope/Hoffman.php


these articles raise very important questions about the ethics of our field.  What do you think about these ethical violations of the body that is supposed to be setting the ethics for the field?