Before interviewing one of the candidates for a position in his…

Before interviewing one of the candidates for a position in his…

Before interviewing one of the candidates for a position in his…

 Before interviewing one of the candidates for a position in his

company, Ben was informed that the candidate had performed exceptionally well in her aptitude test for the job. During the interview, Ben saw the candidate in a very positive light. Although the candidate made a few mistakes, Ben passed them off. In this scenario, Ben’s perception of the candidate was based on his _____.

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a) patterns
b) needs
c) interests
d) expectations

2) When stimuli are organized by simplicity, _____.

a) the stimuli we attend to are organized into a commonly recognized form
b) the stimuli we attend to are interpreted as familiar patterns
c) the brain is involved in filtering the messages
d) the brain is involved in conscious processing

3) While still learning to drive, Jane accidentally drove into another car. Although she survived the accident, Jane still considers herself to be a poor driver. As a result, she has not driven since. In this scenario, it can be said that Jane’s experience has affected her _____.

a) impression formation
b) situational attribution
c) self-perception
d) self-monitoring

4) A(n) _____ refers to what we would like to be.

a) social construction of self
b) interdependent self-perception
c) ideal self-concept
d) self-fulfilling prophecy

5) _____ are based on the belief that traits and abilities are specific to a particular context or relationship.

-Uncertainty reductions
-Independent self-perceptions
-Interdependent self-perceptions
6) Harry often sees his friend James practicing basketball. Impressed by his shots, Harry asks him if he would like to play for the school team with him. However, James is less certain of his own talent. He tells Harry that he doesn’t think of himself as a great player and that his lack of experience will probably weigh the team down. In this scenario, James’s perception about himself can be attributed to _____.

-scripted differences
-Self-attribution8) Dawson and Emily go to the same high school. Emily is very attractive and outgoing. On seeing her, Dawson assumes that she is also smart and popular. In this scenario, Dawson’s assumption is an example of _____.

-the implicit personality theory
-situational attribution
-dispositional attribution
-the social construction of self
9) Which of the following statements is true of prejudices?

-They can lead to the discrimination of people.
-They are a result of conscious processing.
-They are always negative perceptions about a person.
-They are actions in which people are treated differently based on certain biases.
10) We choose to pay attention to information that is relevant to us.

11) In the process of interpretation, the brain assigns meaning to information.

12) A person’s culture has very little influence on his or her self-perception.


13) We are more likely to self-monitor when we are familiar with a situation.

14) Accuracy of perception is usually high in automatic processing.

15) A fast, top-down subconscious approach of making sense of what we are encountering is defined as _________.
a. situational attribution
b. conscious processing
c. social perception
d. automatic processing