Body of Truth (1)(at least 200 words) Visit a place where people go…

Body of Truth (1)(at least 200 words) Visit a place where people go…

Body of Truth (1)(at least 200 words) Visit a place where people go…

Need paragraphs for non-verbal communication homework, so easy for native English speaker!1.Body of Truth

(1)(at least 200 words) Visit a place where people go (PX, college,library, mall, etc.) Find a place to sit where you can view individuals conversing with others.

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For approximately 20-30 minutes, take note of how kinesics are shown.

What sort of facial expressions and gestures are used? Be specific. Utilize the types of gestures and facial expressions discussed in the chapters from the textbook.

Can you follow the conversation with a lack of verbal cues?

Answer these questions in addition to other thoughts that occurred to you.

(1)(at least 200 words)
Choose a way to test someone’s Proxemics and territory:

If you know the territory in which a person usually sits, take their space and observe their reactions.
Sit really close to someone/keep moving close to someone/invade personal space with your belongings
Anything that tests PROXEMICS
Write about the person’s reactions and your experience!

(2)(150 words) How territorial are you? Think about the space you occupy at home, work, school, etc. Do you have a side of bed you sleep on, a side of the couch you sit on, a seat you claim is yours (though your name is not actually embroidered on it), or a place where you park all the time? How does it make you feel when somebody invades your space?

(1)(at least 200 words)

Choose two distinctly different places in which you communicate with others. Pay attention to the way you and others communicate in those places and compare them to each other.

  • Identify and describe the places you chose. The descriptions should include enough detail to support what you say later in the paper. You should write your descriptions as if the reader is unfamiliar with the places and you want to help him visualize it.
  • Explain the communication differences in the two environments (including both how you communicate and how others communicate).
  • Explain the nonverbal messages of the settings that cause the places to have the influence they do.

(2)(150 words) Examine the environment you live in (house, apartment, room, etc.). What have you done to the environment to make it comforting to you? Is there anything you would change in color, temperature, layout, etc?

Above are requirements for 3 assignments, you don’t have to really observe someone, you can make up things if you like, since I’m student please base on campus background to make up answers, and please use your own words, please do not copy and paste, those works are not formal big paper, so easy for native English speaker, thank you!