Discussion 1 – Hiring for an Open Position

Discussion 1 – Hiring for an Open Position

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Hypothetical Business Scenario

Suppose you are a hiring manager recruiting for an open entry-level management position in your organization. You posted the position, collected over 100 applications and are in the process of determining which candidates will be asked to interview the position.

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Your plan is to select the top 10 candidates and then invite 5 of this group to phone interviews so you asked this group of 10 to send you an eMail discussing their pertinent information about why they are the best candidate. You want to select the best 5 candidates so what would you be looking for in their eMail messages? Spelling & grammar? Education? Experience? Income expectations? Skills? Character? Work Values?

  1. What other attributes would you be interested in learning about them?
  2. What would you like to see that would help make them stand out from the other candidates?


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