Discussion Wk3

  ENGL 1020: Composition/Analysis   

The University of Memphis                                                                            

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Week 3: Discussion Board

This Discussion Post will challenge our recognition of logical fallacies. 

Please review the “Logical Fallacy Video,” the Purdue OWL Logical Fallacy webpage, and “Analyzing Arguments” pp.354-359, which all address fallacies. Once you are comfortable with fallacy definitions, follow the steps below to join the discussion: Find an example of a logical fallacy in an ad online. Post a link to your example on the Week #3 Discussion Board. Post by Thursday at 11:59 pm. DO NOT IDENTIFY THE FALLACY! Review the post directly above your post.  Reply by identifying the logical fallacy posted and explain how the fallacy operates. Reply by Sunday at 11:59 pm. Spend time reviewing some of the other examples found. 

Note: Ad hominem fallacies are the easiest to identify. Please challenge yourself and your classmates by finding another type of fallacy as your example.