Document for Analysis: Poor E-Mail Message Re: PowerPoint…

 Document for Analysis: Poor E-Mail Message Re: PowerPoint…

Document for Analysis: Poor E-Mail Message Re: PowerPoint…

 Document for Analysis: Poor E-Mail Message Re: PowerPoint (Objs. 1–5)

YOUR TASK. Study the following message. In teams or in class discussion, list at least five specific weaknesses. If your instructor directs, revise to remedy these weaknesses. Look for ways to improve readability with bulleted or numbered points.

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To:Sanders Watson &>

From:Monique Vance &>


Subject:Avoiding Death by PowerPoint




This message is being written because, pursuant to your request, I attended a seminar about the use of PowerPoint in business presentations. You suggested that there might be tips that I would learn that we could share with other staff members, many of whom make presentations that almost always include PowerPoint. The speaker, Bret Rivera, made some very good points on the subject of PowerPoint. There were several points of an important nature that are useful in avoiding what he called “Death by PowerPoint.” Our staff members should give consideration to the following:


Create first the message, not the slide. Only after preparing the entire script should you think about how to make an illustration of it.


You should prepare slides with short lines. Your slides should have only four to six words per line. Short lines act as an encouragement to people to listen to you and not read the slide.


Don’t put each and every thing on the slide. If you put too much on the slide, your audience will be reading Item C while you are still talking about Item A. As a last and final point, he suggested that presenters think in terms of headlines. What is the main point? What does it mean to the audience?


Please do not hesitate to let me know whether you want me to elaborate and expand on these presentation techniques subsequent to the next staff meeting.