I need a 6–7-page book review for Mohler, Albert. The Conviction…

I need a 6–7-page book review for Mohler, Albert. The Conviction…

I need a 6–7-page book review for Mohler, Albert. The Conviction…

I need a 6–7-page book review for Mohler, Albert. The Conviction

to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership that Matters.

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Book Review: This is not simply a summary of the book, but a review of the content.
Details:   To complete the Book Review, write the review using the following structure:

Introduction (half-page maximum)

-This must be a single but strong paragraph that reveals what you intend to show the reader. This is your “thesis statement.”
-Include a brief review of background data about the book, author, and the topic of the book.
Brief Summary (1–2 pages: no more than 20% of your review)

-Do not state what every single chapter is about; instead, capture the main idea(s) of the book along with the underlining subtopics and themes.
-Briefly overview what the book as a whole is about as well as the issues, themes, and solutions the author presents.
-Identify the main thrust of the book and differentiate between the central and peripheral ideas.
Critical Interaction with the Book (2–4 pages: around 70% of your review)

-Do not discuss your agreement or disagreement with the author’s perspective. Instead, try to recognize what the author’s points are and what theological issues are prevalent.
-Document your assessment of the text. If you make a judgment of the author’s opinion, give an example along with a footnote to designate where this can be observed.
-Where is the author coming from? What is his/her goal?
-Does the author prove his/her point? Why or why not? How?
-What are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s arguments?
Conclusion (half-page maximum)

-Bring together all your interactions with the book and wrap up your review by conveying how well you think the author achieved his/her goals and to what degree his purpose was achieved.
-In what ways does the book make you think?
-With what questions does the author leave you?