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Describe Jessica’s behavior that should be influenced with behavioral techniques. In 200 words


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Jessica is a 15-year-old girl at the local High School. Jessica has been very withdrawn lately and has been having a hard time participating in school. Jessica has been spotted alone and crying several times, which was unusual, because she and her best friend Samantha use to hang together all the time since childhood and Jessica use to appear to be a very happy and outgoing young lady. It has been apparent that lately Samantha and Jessica have not been hanging out anymore and Samantha has been hanging with another group of girls. Many of the girls in the school have been spreading rumors about Jessica and Samantha has been part of the group spreading the rumors.  Samantha has been recently posting harsh words about Jessica on a social media site one which includes causing physical harm to Jessica. Many of the students were also posting negative comments about Jessica under Samantha’s post and also supporting Samantha to fight Jessica. Recently Jessica’s locker has been vandalized at the school and the rumor is that Samantha was the one who has vandalized Jessica’s locker as well as writing vulgar comments about Jessica in the girl’s restroom. No one has been befriending Jessica since she and Samantha have stopped being friends.