I need help with this exam ASAP. I have one hour to submit it….

I need help with this exam ASAP. I have one hour to submit it….

I need help with this exam ASAP. I have one hour to submit it….

I need help with this exam ASAP. I have one hour to submit it. Please provide answers in the comment.

In which of the following situations can good business communication skills have a positive impact on your life?

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Negotiating a better deal on a car

Keeping your personal valuables safe

Calculating your monthly expenses

Managing your family’s grocery list


2          Which of the following paraphrases the literal content of a given statement?

Are you concerned that people are turning in their reports late?

You sound frustrated about people waiting until the last minute to submit their status reports.

You are saying that you’d like us to have our status reports turned in a couple of days before the date of the monthly meeting.

Are you concerned that there won’t be time for the supervisor to review the reports before the meeting?


3          Which of the following is an example of an external source?

Memos sent to the employees of a company

Financial reports published by a company

Company databases

Industry journals.

4          While having lunch with a friend she tells you that her office recently implemented flex-time hours. It has been a positive change at her workplace, and you think that it would be great to have this at your office too. You decide to approach your boss about this possibility. In the context of such a message, the thought that this change might decrease employee productivity would be seen as:

an audience benefit.

a potential resistance.

a refutation.

a concession.


5          You are writing an appeal letter to solicit funds for your non-profit organization. In this message you praise the audience for its past donations, emphasize how its contributions are needed now more than ever, and how these contributions benefit the people your organization serves. This message appeals to the audience’s:

sense of self-esteem.

quest for self-actualization.

need for love.

desire for safety.


6          Which of the following questions is a part of the analyzing stage of the ACE process for delivering bad news?

Have I avoided legal complications?

Is the bad news stated clearly and sensitively?

Should I include an apology?

Should I begin with the bad news or lead up to it?


7          When you conduct a search using most search engines, you can use __________ as a wild-card symbol within a phrase to represent an unknown word.

A question mark (?)

An asterisk (*)

An ampersand (&)

A minus symbol (-)


8          The first step in preparing a proposal is to:

develop a clear idea of your purpose.

determine the appropriate form of the proposal.

establish audience benefits.

counter potential objections


9          Jasper is going to make a presentation to a large audience in a large room. He wants to encourage his audience to look and listen carefully, and also wants an electronic record of the material. Which of the following media would be appropriate for Jasper’s presentation?






10        As you begin to write a proposal regarding technological needs in your workplace, you think about its purpose. In this case, how do you propose to meet the need you are addressing?

By continuing to oversee the technology needs yourself

By allowing technology issues to go unaddressed

By hiring a technology company to oversee the technology needs

By training some employees in the company to handle the technical issues