Lab Assingment: TRICARE and CHAMPVA Presentation / Lab Assignment: Workers' Compensation Case Study Worksheet

 Lab Assignment: Tricare and champva presentation

1. Imagine you are working as a trainer for new registration specialists at ABC Hospital’s primary care clinics. You have been asked to create a presentation giving a basic overview of the Tricare and CHAMPVA programs. For this assignment, create a Power Point presentation that includes 6-9 slides along with your speaker notes. Use the list of eligibility requirements you captured from the two activities in the lesson.

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You should include the following information within your presentation: Explain the Tricare Program and basic eligibility requirements Describe three Tricare plans within the program Explain the CHAMPVA Program and Eligibility Requirements Explain the difference between a par and non-par provider for these military plans Describe some covered services of these military plans and services that may require authorization.

Lab Assignment: Workers’ Compensation Case Study Worksheet

2.  Download and complete the Workers Compensation worksheet.

Once you have completed the case studies, name your file “Workers Compensation”