This is a student response about “Delivering Bad News” below: ..

This is a student response about “Delivering Bad News” below:    ..

This is a student response about “Delivering Bad News” below:

This is a student response about “Delivering Bad News” below:

Delivering bad news is likely one of the most unpleasant parts of someone’s job. Delivering the news in a way that does not invoke bad feelings from the receiver is key to a continued relationship in the case of an employee, client or customer. According to Lehman Dufrene and Walker “An organization’s ability to handle difficult situations with tact and empathy powerfully influences the perceptions of employees, local citizens, and the public at large.” (pg. 111) This may be difficult to accomplish in a bad-news message but with the use of a buffer sentence or paragraph and providing an explanation the receiver is more likely to receive the message without unnecessary animosity toward the writer or the company. The words you choose to actually deliver the message will set the tone and can also affect the way it is received.

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In writing an introduction one must first know their audience, in the case of a job applicant, employee or customer, using a buffer to explain or give reasons for the decision may soften the blow when you actually deliver the bad news. In corporate communications it may serve well to put your bad news right at the beginning and explain afterwards. Knowing your audience will help you decide whether an indirect or direct approach will be the best approach.

In delivering the bad news our text suggests using a passive voice to blur the focus of the bad news and at the same time soften the blow. “Stressing positive aspects will provide needed balance and avoid sugarcoating or minimizing the severity of the news to the point that the message is misunderstood”. (Lehman, Dufrane, & Walker, 2016) Creating empathy in our writing will show the reader respect and may avoid over emotional reactions.

It is likely bad news even if it is expected will generate a negative reaction, The care that is taken in delivering that news can make all the difference.”When we break bad news, if we get it right, …[people] will never forget us; if we get it wrong they may never forgive us”. (Spencer, 2012)


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