topic of martial arts/self-defense


You can pick any article/research study on the topic of martial arts/self-defense (e.g., sociological, psychological, and philosophical aspects of martial arts/self-defense, trends of martial arts/self-defense industry).  Articles utilized for this assignment must come from academic or professional journals.  Web sites or ‘online’ (non-peer reviewed articles/studies) may NOT be used for this assignment.  Your article review should address the following points: Your reason for selecting the topic under investigation. A “brief” summary of the article that includes key points/findings that you deem to be important or critical to the article. New insights that you derived from the article. In other words, describe how has this article

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     contributed to your understanding of the Martial Arts.

Paper Construction: 2 – 3 typed (double spaced) pages Full Citation of the Article/Research Study utilizing APA Style (Author, Journal, Volume, etc.)