Unit 5: Unit 5: Advocating for Clients – Discussion 350 words, APA FORMAT, need it back 08/11/2016

Unit 5: Unit 5: Advocating for Clients – Discussion   Topics TopicTopic

The various ethical codes addresses the nuances of boundaries with clients, this is important, especially when considering client advocacy, because this may require work outside of the therapy room. 
Choose one of the different ethical codes we have reviewed (ACA, APA, or NAADAC) and discuss that code’s specific approach to multicultural counseling.  What guidelines are encouraged for the counselor?  How do you think you might aspire to uphold such guidelines? The readings and videos have addressed various different vulnerable populations requiring special considerations, choose one of these populations and apply one of the specific ethics codes to how you might work with that population.  For example, how might you apply one of the ethical codes listed in the ACA guide when working with older adults who are in substance abuse treatment, or how might you implement one of the NAADAC guidelines when working with a client diagnosed with Gambling Disorder?

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