Writing Activity #1 – Problem Statement The goals of the…

Writing Activity #1 – Problem Statement     The goals of the…

Writing Activity #1 – Problem Statement     The goals of the…

Writing Activity #1 – Problem Statement  The goals of the first writing activity are to get you:

  1. thinking about potential topics for the major assignment and
  2. to begin grappling with issues of purpose, audience, and persuasion.


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The activity is an informal BUT STILL PROFESSIONAL identification of a problem. The problem might be at your company, at a different company, related to municipal infrastructure, or whatever scenario you pick. Your mode of communication is a short email of around 150-200 words.


Your problem statement should broadly deal with the 5Ws: what, who, when, where and why. You aren’t expected to present any solutions at this time. Your job is simply to identify a problem and highlight the need for further investigation.


In your problem statement you should:

  • Provide context. Briefly educate your reader on the general and specific background.
  • Provide a detailed description of the problem. Be as specific as possible in the space constraints. In providing specifics, offer rationale for dealing with the problem (i.e., how does the problem affect operations or costs). Keep this axiom in mind: a problem clearly stated is half-solved.


Note that we are at the idea-generation phase of the major assignment. You are not bound to this topic, nor are you expected to have done extensive research on the topic. You should do enough research to flag a problem in a way that is informal and preliminary yet still builds your credibility.


Formatting Requirements:

Be sure to include a subject line and formal salutations.

Can someone check the writing for me please. Thank you.